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Support Your Community

    • The Mission of The Personal Growth Channel is to help each other grow in our personal and professional lives.  Helping us with your contribution will allow us to help more people.
    • Your name will be listed as a sponsor on Scholarship awards for the year you contribute.


Massive Exposure

    • Large community of followers interested in personal growth and development
    • Access to an influencer network with a reach of over 5 million
    • Over a million views on Twitter alone this year

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Platinum ($2,000):  

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Gold ($1,000):

    • Company name and link on our scholarship page
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Silver ($500)

    • Name listed on our scholarship page
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Friends ($100)

    • Listed on the scholarship page
    • A heartfelt thank you! 

Check out using the paypal link below or email dsmith at personalgrowthchannel.com for more information.

Select Sponsorship Level

Prefer to choose your own contribution level?  Hit the button below!


Ads/Sponsored articles

We will consider running sponsored campaigns on a case by case basis.  Campaigns start at $500, which typically includes a written review of your product or service along with distribution to our network.  All sponsored campaigns will be clearly labeled as sponsored per FCC regulations, and we reserve the right to refuse any requests that we do not believe will be beneficial to our audience in order to maintain the quality of our network.  Please email ads at personalgrowthchannel.com with details of your request and we'll be in touch.

Affiliate Partners

We partner with a number of companies to bring our readers top of the line products, usually at discounted rates, in exchange for a small percentage of the sale.  We are highly selective in which companies we partner with as our readers deserve the best.  Here is a list of our primary affiliate partners.


We partner with Amazon to bring an unparalleled lineup of products to our readers.  We love that we can pick and choose whatever we want to advertise, and they can also make suggestions based on your interests.  User reviews also make it easy to see whether or not a product is of high quality.  For example, below are a few products you might be interested in.

Adam Hagerman

Budgeting for Budget Haters Course - Course from a certified financial professional that we trust designed to get your finances in order.  If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and follow the steps he suggests, it is pretty much like going to a local financial planner, at a fraction of the cost.


We partner with udemy because they have the widest online course selection in the business.  Over 45,000 online courses taught by top notch instructors, all ranked and rated by users like you, you can learn nearly anything you want here.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

You want to get your finances in order?  YNAB combined with Adam's budgeting course will get you in good shape in no time.


Looking to start up your own website and earn some side income?  bluehost is a great place to start with hosting plans starting at only $3.95/mo.
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