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The Mission of The Personal Growth Channel is to help each other grow in our personal and professional lives.

Here are a few ways that you can invest in yourself and support that mission.  Contact information is at the end if you need anything else.  Have an amazing day!!!

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Struggling with getting a handle on your finances or know that they could be better?  Take one of our partner's courses - Adam Hagerman's Budgeting for Budget Haters Course, or Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.

Looking for some tools to improve your health?  Read 5 Tools to Get in Shape and Getting Back to Healthy:  3 Habits that Helped Me Lose 16lbs.

Shout out on Twitter! Perfect for supporting us while giving yourself or a friend a boost. No links and keep it clean!


Automatically get a hard copy of the book of the month mailed to you in order to stay accountable and make personal development a habit!  We'll let you know before we mail the book each month so you'll have a couple days to let us know if you already have it.

Like what we're doing? Leave a tip to support the mission of helping each other grow in our personal and professional lives so that we can reach a few more people!

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