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My current reading list

Had a few of you asking what I'm reading right now and suggesting new reading material.  Figured more of you might be curious, so here's my current list.  Who knows, maybe if enough people care I'll actually keep this up to date...

Note that you will normally see me reading multiple books at a time. I usually have one or two loaded in my phone (audiobook for walking/jogging, ebook for downtime), a physical one for when I'm home, and an audiobook in my car at all times.  I've read thousands of books over the years, having read several books nearly every week for more than 35 years.

If you're interested in a recommendation then use the form below and I'll send a recap of the articles I have written each week along with a recommended book guaranteed to challenge and grow you each month.

My Current Reading Queue

Recently Read

Recommendations are welcome, comment away!

Interested in what books I recommend out of the thousands I've read over the years? Send me your email address using the subscription form on this page and I'll send you a recommendation each month!

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